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Three-Flavor Fruit & Wine Truffle Sampler

An assortment of all three varieties of our signature Fruit & Wine, solid-center chocolates. Sold in boxes of 9 pieces or 18 pieces.

Three-Flavor Sampler

100% Pure Maple Cream Filled

Our succulent milk or dark chocolate shells are filled with a pure, 100% New England maple syrup cream magically crafted by the chocolatiers in our KRM kitchens. A taste of New England that you simply cannot get anywhere else! Available in 9-piece or 18-piece boxes in a combination of milk and dark chocolate.

Maple Filled - Milk and Dark Mix

High-Antioxidant Chocolate Bark

You've heard about the health benefits of dark chocolate.  KRM Chocolates has it for you.  We begin with 70% cacao dark chocolate so it is not too bitter, and add six high-antioxidant berries.  Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries and cherries are all mixed right into the chocolate bark.  You’ll love it and you’ll feel good knowing it is “almost” a health food!  Enjoy. Sold in boxes of 12 pieces or 24 pieces.

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Sandwich Cookies Smothered in Chocolate
It's pretty simple!  We take our favorite chocolate sandwich cookies — you know, the ones with the vanilla cream center — then we smother them in our finest White and Dark chocolate. The result? An absolutely yummy dessert, gift or special treat fit for your best company. Or maybe you'll just indulge yourself  in this guilty pleasure.  Shhh, don't worry, we won't tell!

Sampler of White and Dark
Sold in boxes of 5 cookies or 10 cookies.

100% Pure Maple Cream Filled

White/Dark Sampler

Crunchy Peanut Butter Bark

Our crunchy peanut butter chocolate bark is a mouth-watering combination of fine chocolate, decadent peanut butter and crunchy bits of real peanuts. Forget those peanut butter cups you can get anywhere. You haven’t tasted chocolate and peanut butter until you try our handmade, crunchy peanut butter bark.  O…M…G!!  You’ll love it. Choose Milk, Dark or an Assortment of Milk and Dark.

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Smooth & Creamy Plain Chocolate Bark

For the purist! Enjoy our smooth & creamy plain chocolate gourmet bark in Milk, White or Dark - or a sampler of all three. Sold in boxes of 12 or 24 pieces.

Smooth & Creamy Plain Chocolate Bark