The KRM Story
ack in the 1980’s, Kevin Miller began making chocolates and cookies from  his home north of Boston.  He made them mostly as a hobby and to give as gifts for his friends and coworkers.  Then, after the traumas of losing his mother and suffering a debilitating stroke, all within 100 days,  Kevin continued to make chocolates and fine-tuned the recipes, all the while hearing from everyone how muchbetter his chocolates taste than any available at those trendy chocolate shoppes.

Soon, his interest turned to making chocolates with his new invention,  a solid filling made from fruit wines, complete with real fruit in the candy.  The accolades grew louder and louder.  “You should sell these chocolates!  They are too good not to share with the world,” Kevin was told. The idea took hold.

Today, Kevin spends his time in a small commercial kitchen, nestled midway between the pristine beaches of Cape Cod and the majestic mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont.  There, he still makes his chocolates and cookies the old fashioned way, by hand.  Now, they are available to you.  Each order is custom made to assure  freshness and the ingredients that you requested.  Once you try KRM Chocolates, you will be a customer for life!