Savory fillings in KRM's Fruit & Wine Chocolates
Our Flagship Product!

Fruit & Wine Chocolates 

A KRM exclusive! Each of these gourmet chocolates contains a unique solid center handmade from a secret blend of fruit, chocolate and real wine. 

Available in three different, tantalizing flavors -- or as an assortment -- our Fruit & Wine Chocolates are perfect for hostess gifts, parties or as an anytime treat. One of the most unique gourmet chocolate gifts online! 

"The Fruit & Wine Chocolates are just heavenly. I will definitely order from KRM again and again!"  Mary Barker, AZ

Peach Wine and Peaches 
in Milk Chocolate 

Milk Chocolate Fruit & Wine filled chocolates by KRM
Cranberry Wine and Cranberries
in White Chocolate 

White Chocolate Fruit & Wine filled chocolates by KRM
Strawberry Wine and Strawberries
in Dark Chocolate 

Dark Chocolate Fruit & Wine solid-filled chocolates by KRM  
Mmmmmmmmmilk chocolate delicacies with a solid center of delightfully fruity, real peach wine combined with chocolate - and pieces of peach to complete your indulgent journey! Sold in boxes of 9 pieces or 18 pieces. 

Milk Choc - Peach
Irresistible fine White chocolate caresses a cache of real cranberry wine and chocolate in a solid center featuring sweet dried cranberries as a finishing touch. A taste-tempting gourmet confection! Sold in boxes of 9 pieces or 18 pieces.  

White Choc - Cranberry
KRM brings the legend of Dark chocolate and strawberries as an aphrodisiac to a new level. Each piece delivers a decadent filling of real strawberry fruit in a strawberry wine and chocolate solid center. Oh my! Sold in boxes of 9 pieces or 18 pieces. 

Dark Choc - Strawberry

Three-Flavor Sampler

An assortment of all three varieties of our Fruit & Wine, solid-center chocolates. Sold in boxes of 9 pieces or 18 pieces. 

  Fruit & Wine Filled Chocolate Assortment

Three-Flavor Sampler

Warning #1: These products made by KRM Chocolates contain small amounts of wine.  Under New Hampshire law, KRM Chocolates is exempt from alcoholic beverage licensing requirements However, this should be considered before being enjoyed by anyone under the age of 21.    

Warning #2:  All KRM Chocolates contain dairy products.  All KRM Chocolates may contain nuts.  Before enjoying our Fruit and Wine Chocolates or other KRM Chocolates products, please consider allergies.